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Five Tips for Building a Relationship with a Recruiter

Dec 5, 2019 2:42:31 PM / by General Healthcare Resources

Building an honest relationship with your recruiter is essential for finding work assignments congruent with your experience and skills. Here are some ways to create a productive relationship with your recruiter.

Ask the Right Questions

When you are building your relationship with a recruiter, it is essential to know if the agency is a proper fit for you, and you are right for them. Asking the right questions is an effective way to build credibility, which leads to the development of trust. Some practical questions to ask a recruiter might include:

    • How frequently do you staff vacancies with the skill sets I possess?
    • What are the types of companies and industries that you place people with my skill set?
    • What unique experience allows you to relate to both clients and candidates?

Tell the Truth

You might think that stretching the truth about your skills and your previous salary might impress your recruiter. Unfortunately, this route often leads to problems. Always be straightforward with your recruiter about your experience and your set of skills. Being honest with a recruiter allows them to find the best possible fit for your level of knowledge and skills. Remember that a first impression will set the tone for your relationship, so demonstrate your trustworthy character.

Ask for Assistance

A recruiter has an insider’s view of the job market. As such, they can offer helpful advice that may improve your chances of securing a job. Ask your recruiter to evaluate your strengths as a job candidate, your interviewing skills and your professional appearance. A recruiter can guide you, but do not expect them to write your resume.

Maintain Contact

An effective recruiter will be up-to-date with your job search progress. However, you can take an active position in the job hunt process by letting them know you are an enthusiastic job seeker. Being visible is good, but you don’t want to harass your recruiter either. Try to use good judgment in finding the right balance. Checking in every week or two with a recruiter is typically the industry standard, but do not be afraid to ask your recruiter what works best for them.

Ask About Money

It is essential to be forthright about your salary expectations and your past salary. By being frank, you will allow your recruiter to suggest a rate that works for both parties. Take some time to research what salary you can expect based on your skills, job experience and geographic location. However, please don’t get upset if your recruiter recommends positions that may not match up with your desired requirements. They try to provide options that will get you working as swiftly as possible.

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