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Four Tips to Improve Your Interpersonal Skills

Mar 18, 2020 10:17:37 AM / by General Healthcare Resources

You may recognize the term “interpersonal skills” by its common name, “soft skills.” These skills include time management, communication, teamwork and decision-making. If you could use some help brushing up on your interpersonal skills, here are a few tips for improvement.

Observe Your Audience

An understanding of your audience is essential for successful communication. Establishing common ground helps to build trust among your audience. When seeking information, ask questions that are clear and to the point. Presenting yourself as credible is vital, so avoid stating your personal opinions as fact.

Communication is not limited to speaking. Carefully listen to any response to your message, take it in and respond in a manner that will advance the conversation constructively.

Body language can speak volumes, so pay close attention and pick up cues from what a person’s posture may be telling you. Carefully observe body position, eye contact, hand gestures and tone of voice. Also, maintain an awareness of your body language and the signals you may be communicating.

Cope with Differences

At some juncture in your working life, you are going to face differences of opinion and/or difficult people. For interpersonal communication, remaining calm and assertive is crucial.

Conflict can put a damper on communication, but it shouldn’t be avoided. It can also bring issues to the surface where they can be resolved. Getting matters out into the open allows you to examine and deal with them.

Whether you’re dealing with coworkers, managers or subordinates, treating people with respect is essential.

Create a Positive Work Environment

People perform at their best when they are in an environment where their strengths are valued.

Work to discover your team members’ interpersonal strengths and match them with suitable tasks. Assigning tasks in this manner goes a long way in increasing motivation and productivity.

Mutual understanding will allow members of your organization to work together more effectively. It builds trust, which is an important factor in a friendly, productive workplace.

Act with Integrity

Being a person of integrity is about honesty and maintaining moral standards. Integrity is essential to interpersonal skills as it allows you to measure your choices and decisions against your values.

Maintaining integrity is vital because your reputation and your company brand depend on it. Integrity can serve as a compass to keep you on track and guide you through the constant challenges and obstacles that a typical workday might throw your way.

Effective interpersonal communications are dependent on trust and integrity. Honesty in your communications can help to build that trust.

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