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How GHR Search Can Prepare You for a Job Interview

Sep 18, 2019 2:43:47 PM / by General Healthcare Resources

The job search and interview process can be daunting. Good news is, GHR Search has recruiters on stand-by to serve as your liaison to hiring managers. There are numerous ways they can help you with your career, including:

  • Connecting you with prospects
  • Acting as a personal guide
  • Marketing your talent
  • Providing industry insight
  • Crafting a winning resume
  • Polishing application materials
  • Adding to the skill set

They can aid you as you prepare for a job interview, too! Here is how.

Strengths and Weaknesses

At GHR Search, recruiters will help you realize your strengths and weaknesses. They may request that you write a few of them down so you can better analyze and make a plan for moving forward. It’s important to recognize your accomplishments and turn weaknesses into strengths before a big interview. GHR Search will be there for you every step of the way.

An Answer for Any Question

Answer to interview questions should be around one to two minutes in length. Any longer and the interviewer may lose interest. Any less and the candidate risks incompetency. We suggest our candidates use the SAFW concept, which begins with Saying a Few Words before going into more detail using the break-down below.

  • S - Make an opening Statement
  • A - Amplify the statement
  • F: Provide a Few examples
  • W: Wrap it up

Significant Accomplishments

To improve the communication ability of a candidate, a recruiter might request you write in detail about substantial accomplishments. Each should be around half a page and include examples of both individual achievements and team effort wins. This exercise helps with recall during an interview.interview 2

The Universal Question

Describing significant accomplishments must be part of a successful job interview. Hiring managers typically like candidates who are assertive and ask the right questions, so it is helpful to have several thoughtful questions lined up. GHR Search can provide you with examples of interview questions.


Extensive preparation is essential for a job interview. This includes making sure your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles are up to date, utilize privacy settings and are squeaky clean. And, don’t forget to practice at least 3-4 hours for an upcoming job interview to give you confidence and help to minimize nerves.

Ask for It

A candidate should tell the interviewer they are interested in the job and want to know what the next steps in the process are. Understanding the process will give the candidate a chance to fill in any potential gaps before the interview concludes.

If you would like one of our recruiters to assist you in furthering your career, contact GHR Search to see what opportunities we have to offer.

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