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How Interviewing Has Shifted Due to COVID-19

Sep 2, 2020 9:28:15 AM / by GHR Search

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Like many other industries, the recruiting and hiring processes for health professionals have taken on a much different look due to COVID-19.

Asking a candidate to travel and physically appear for a job interview is no longer practical or wise in many locations. Luckily, in our age of software and technology, there have been several available tools to help recruiters, HR professionals, and hospital administrators make these adjustments.

This includes both live and on-demand interviewing solutions that provide more flexibility for clinical and non-clinical candidates to pass through the hiring and assessment process without being physically present.

The following are some examples of how technology is helping to bring virtual interviewing into the mainstream – and how healthcare professionals can adapt:

Trend: Interviewing Goes Online

According to recent research by Jobvite, 84% of recruiters nationwide are adapting their hiring processes to facilitate remote exchanges. Of them, 58% are using social media networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram to connect with potential hires. Healthcare recruiters are also turning to videoconferencing solutions to screen and interview candidates, with as many as eight in ten now making it a key part of the hiring process. 

Coming Together in a Virtual World

The primary benefit of holding a virtual interview during this time is to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to keep yourself, and potential candidates safe. However, there are other benefits that come with conducting interviews virtually. Virtual interviews are a convenient interview method, easier to schedule and typically reducing the hiring process time frame. Holding virtual interviews can also help candidates feel more comfortable, allowing them to offer more natural answers.

Preparing for Video Interviews

Before a video interview, recruiters should take time to prepare by reviewing the candidate’s resume and writing sample questions you would like to ask. Make sure that the video background behind you offers minimal distractions. You’ll also want to ensure that software programs such as Zoom are working on your computer before the interview sessions. Use professional language, including body language, and remain focused. Turn off your phone and computer notifications to avoid distractions. Give the candidate your undivided attention and make direct eye contact by looking at your computer’s camera instead of the screen.

Interviewing via Text? It Happens!

Recruiters are also interviewing many candidates via text – which means both hiring managers and jobseekers need to be ready for interviews to occur via this medium. As the facilitator, focus on providing well thought-out and concise questions, and be clear and direct about what information you would like to know. And it goes without saying that you should carefully check spelling, grammar, and punctuation (keeping an eye out for auto-correct-generated errors) before sending messages.

The Bottom Line

Before Covid-19, the transition to digital tools in the healthcare industry was already well underway. The pandemic has sped up that process in many areas. Healthcare recruiters should embrace these changes and not be afraid of using these tools. Technology tends to open the door to new opportunities!


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