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Why You Should Build a Relationship with a Recruiter

Mar 22, 2019 10:19:27 AM / by General Healthcare Resources


Finding the right job can be an intimidating experience for a healthcare professional. With the assistance of a recruiter, however, some of the overwhelming feelings experienced during a job hunt can disappear. A recruiter brings many advantages to job searches that aren’t realized when looking for a job on your own.

The benefits of a good recruiter relationship

For a healthcare professional, working with a recruiter introduces another level of insight and information into your job search. Recruiters are experts at understanding the current job market and have strong relationships with numerous employers. Here are a few reasons why working with a recruiter is beneficial:

  • Strong Relationships with Employers. Recruiters spend a significant amount of time making connections with employers. Getting to know the ins and outs of what hiring managers are seeking in a potential applicant is invaluable to matching individuals with jobs.
  • Sound Career Advice. Recruiters are experts at preparing resumes, succeeding in interviews, and making positive first impressions. A recruiter can share this career expertise, making you a more competitive and desirable candidate in a large pool of applicants.
  • Advanced Understanding of the Job Market. Recruiters consistently keep an eye out for new job openings. Additionally, employers will often turn to a recruiter to inquire whether he or she knows any candidates who would be a good fit. As a result, working with a recruiter opens up potential job opportunities that you might not have been otherwise aware.

As you can see, a recruiter has a lot to offer healthcare professionals who are in the market for a new position. What is important to remember is that the more you build your relationship with your recruiter, the more likely you are to land your dream job. There are many reasons a strong relationship with your recruiter is essential:

  • Allows for Honest Recommendations. By having an open and honest relationship with a recruiter, he or she will have a complete understanding of the type of job you seek. Potential matches will be tailored to your job goals, increasing your chances of finding a job that is both attainable and satisfactory.
  • Uncovers Areas that Need Improvement. The more you work with a recruiter, the more he or she can identify any job search shortcomings, such as interviewing skills or resume writing, and help you improve.
  • Active Engagement Leads to Positive Results. By actively engaging in your job search, you’ll show your recruiter that you’re excited about potential opportunities and job placement. A recruiter is then able to relay that enthusiasm to a possible employer, and garner interest in you as an ideal fit for an opening.

How to improve this relationship

The better your relationship is with your recruiter, the easier it will be for your recruiter to help you locate the perfect job. Below are some tips to help healthcare professionals build a good relationship with their recruiters.

  • Have a Strong Understanding of Your Career Goals. Don’t be afraid to share your career goals and expectations with your recruiter in detail. This will help your recruiter narrow the pool of jobs that will be a good fit for you.
  • Ask Lots of Questions. You should be comfortable with approaching your recruiter with any questions related to your job search. Recruiters are full of advice and insight and will happily answer your questions, or help steer you in the right direction.
  • Stay in Regular Contact. While on the job hunt, check in with your recruiter once every week or two to get updates and share progress on your search. This regular communication demonstrates that you’re taking an active role in your job hunt and conveys to the recruiter that you’re committed to finding a good placement.

The benefits of working with a recruiter are maximized when you have open communication and regular contact. With a few minor changes, you can improve the relationship with your recruiter and ultimately find the right job for you.  

What sets GHR Search apart

At GHR Search, we have created a large network of recruiters who have specialized knowledge of the healthcare industry. Our goal is to help employees and employers find sustainable and permanent placement within the healthcare community. We have a profound understanding that our job placements have an effect on the patients and families that visit the hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and specialists with which we pair our candidates. For that reason, our mission isn’t to simply place healthcare professionals with these facilities. We strive to work with both employers and candidates alike to find a perfect match that will generate positive results for the greater community.

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